5 things for seniors to look forward to in 2021


After one of the toughest years many of us have experienced in our lifetime, I think we can all agree there are at least a few things to look forward to this coming year. 


Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, here are some silver linings for seniors in 2021. 


Longer days, for a while at least 


The 21st of December marked the winter solstice, which means every day will get longer until the end of June. 


There are countless benefits of longer days especially in the Pacific Northwest where we don’t see much sunlight anyways. 


More sunlight leads to more vitamin D absorption, which has the possibility of boosting your immune system and preventing illness. Taking in more rays might also boost your mood thanks to an increase in serotonin levels that sunlight provides. 


It’s also easier to find motivation to get outside when the days are longer and the weather gets warmer. 


Activities like gardening can give you a good reason to step outside throughout the day. Read SeaCare’s guide on gardening in small spaces to get you started. 


The possibility of seeing loved ones sooner 


When seniors can safely see their loved ones depending on a variety of factors that causes most people to turn in to news more than they ever would. 


On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the U.S. has more than 25 million cases of the coronavirus, with reported cases down 30 percent in the last two weeks. 


We can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel with two vaccines available and others expected to roll out soon. 


According to the Washington State Department of Health, adults over the age of 65 and those 50 and older who live with older adults are some of the first in line to receive the vaccine along with frontline healthcare workers. 


Even after getting the vaccine, the CDC still recommends wearing masks and keeping six feet of distance from others. Experts still don’t know for certain if you can spread COVID-19 after receiving two doses. 


According to the CDC, transmission of COVID-19 is less likely in outdoor settings when wearing a mask. With warmer weather comes the possibility of socializing outdoors again. 

The likelihood of national travel being safe again 


The search phrase “when can i travel again” has over 4 billion results in Google. This comes as no surprise, especially to a vulnerable health group like seniors who’ve been locked in their homes since last March. 


Of course, no one can know the exact date when travel will be safe for seniors again. But since two vaccines received emergency approval from the FDA, there’s reason to be hopeful that transmission rate will go down, gradually making it safer to move about in the world. 


National Plan for Vacation day was January 26th, a designated day for Americans to remember to ask for paid time off, and to plan trips so that they actually use their vacation days. 


Right now is a great time to plan trips closer to home, especially while airlines are still offering flexible booking deals. In the case that your trip rolls around and it’s still deemed unsafe to travel, then you’ll be able to cancel without any extra fees. 


The website Thrifty Traveler offers a subscription for flight deal alerts and gives you reason to check your email every day for a nice little surprise. 

Joining healthy lifestyle trends 


My grandmother has osteoarthritis that’s been getting worse over the past several months. From her own research she’s come to the conclusion that a vegan diet might be the ticket to easing the inflammation in her joints. 


This is no small feat, since she’s been a meat and potato gal her whole life. 


If you look at food trends from 2020 that will seep into the next year, you’ll see that plant-based diets are becoming not so unusual. As people pay more attention to their health and immunity to disease and illness, grocery stores have seen a rise in produce sales that will likely continue through this year. 


Meditation is another trend in the same vein of alternative health. 


Mindfulness apps saw a 25 percent increase the week of March 29th last year, compared to average weekly downloads in the two months prior according to the Washington Post. Meditation is more accessible and easier to do than ever, with apps such as Headspace and Calm at your fingertips.  


It’s never too late to take control of your health, and now many of us have more time to think about how to do this. 

Quality home care 


The U.S.’s senior population is expected to skyrocket, and with that the demand for home health care. 


But with this reality comes the fact that the turnover rate for caregivers reached over 80 percent in 2018. 


Choosing the right home care agency can make the difference in your life and the future of home care. Companies like SeaCare that pay a living wage to their caregivers mean a much lower turnover rate, and more consistent care for you or your loved one. 


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