Making Your Home Safe for an Aging Loved One



Home Safety Tips for Seniors

While aging at home can cause our loved ones to become more susceptible to falls and potential problems, consider these home safety tips.


If you’re caring for an aging loved one, safety should become the number one priority. When one out of four seniors fall each year, taking preventative measures could avoid a tragedy.

Keeping your loved one at home is important so now is the time to create a safe environment. By knowing what hazards to look for, you can better protect the senior in your life.

To help get you started, let’s look at several home safety tips to keep your aging loved one safe.

Walk the House for Potential Hazards


The best place to start when making a home safe is one room at a time. Walk through the house and write down any potential safety issues that needs changed.

Look for fall hazards such as throw rugs and cluttered furniture arrangements. Make everyday items easily accessible. Plus, consider installing handrails in the hallways.

If you need help looking at your home through new eyes, call in a friend or a professional. They may be able to spot hazards you didn’t realize were there.

Make the Bathroom Safer


The bathroom is a hot spot for slips and falls. One of the best home safety tips for an aging loved one is to make the bathroom safer.

Add grab bars around the room for your loved one to keep balanced. It also helps them lower themselves and get up from the toilet.

Install a walk-in bathtub or shower to erase the need of stepping over a bathtub edge. Adding a small shower seat is a great place for them to rest while they bathe.

Add More Light


Dark hallways and corners make it easy for your loved one to trip and fall over something they can’t see. Adding more light will help them better get around without bumping into anything.

Extra table lamps are a simple way to better illuminate a room. Consider also placing low lights anywhere there is a step or tripping hazard.

Inexpensive stick-on tap lights are great for lighting the way without adding cords one might trip over.

To prevent seniors from having to get up and walk across the room to turn on lights, install a clapper feature to make it easy.

Re-Organize for Better Accessibility


Objects stored up high require a stepladder to reach, making it an accident waiting to happen. To help keep your loved one’s feet firmly on the ground, re-organize cabinets so things are within easy reach.

Get creative with storage options, making better use of lower cabinet or counter space. It may make things look a little more cluttered, but that’s better than becoming a safety issue.

Protect Your Aging Loved One with Home Safety Tips

Make home a safe haven for your aging loved one. By using these home safety tips, you can better protect those you cherish most.

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