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Hello! And thank you so much for stopping by our blog here at SeaCare In-Home Care Services! We are thrilled to have you along with us on this incredible life changing-home care improving journey of ours!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. 

Who is SeaCare?

SeaCare was co-founded and created by Brianna Bischofberger! Me! Hi! How you doing?  

Grandma CropMy story is not unlike many of you out there who have lost an aging loved one. SeaCare In-Home Care Services started its journey back when my grandmother was near the end of her life. She had been living independently up until the point she needed additional care. Like many other's in our situation, placing her in a home was the best option at the time. It was only years after Grandma Carols passing, when I was working for a leading home care software company, did I learn about the different support options for elders and their families. 

Armed with new knowledge, I began asking myself-what could I have done different knowing what I know now? How have the options of elder care changed since 2013? What is currently not being done? And most importantly how can I effect lasting and positive change to my elders as they live longer, richer lives? 

This inquisitive nature of mine, a passion for helping others, and getting pregnant with my daughter Bernadette were all catalysts for the creation of SeaCare In-Home Care Services.  Becoming a mom had a profound affect on my relationship to life, death, and all the beautiful years in-between. My driving mission is to ensure that joy, creativity, fun, love, and wonderment is not out of reach to those society has discarded and deemed "too old" or "not with it". 

I filed SeaCare In-Home Care Services a week before Bernie was born. And here we are!! 4 years later, revolutionizing the home care industry-on step at a time! 

What is home care and why is it important?

Home Care is a support service provided to families of older adults, those who have children with developmental delays, and new mothers. We at SeaCare In-Home Care Services provide non-medical home care services that support a person or family with ADL's or their activities of daily living. Everything from personal grooming to grocery shopping to helping you check your gmail on your phone, trained professional caregivers are here to support you and to improve your overall quality of life.

People often ask me, Brianna-home care sounds great, but why should I consider it to be important? If you have read any news lately you will see a lot of buzz about retirement, social security, and health care and it can be confusing!

I tell people home care is important because:

  1. 65,000 people A DAY are retiring in US
  2. There is going to a overwhelming strain on the health care system and home care can reduce part of that pressure
  3. People are living longer
  4. You will need home care (support, guidance, relief) at some point in your life
  5. Home care is health care

I say it is never too late to start thinking about the future. SeaCare In-Home Care Services is here to help! I am personally very happy to answer any questions you have about the home care industry or if you just want to share your story please feel free to comment below.

I think I have kept you here long enough! Thank you for making it this far and for taking an interest in this passion project of mine. Oh and if you are wondering who that tall drink of water is in all these photos-well it is the one and only DINO BISCHOFBERGER!! My partner in life, biggest supporter, and super dad. 

I just want to thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you all real soon!


Signing off from the SeaCare In-Home Care family!

SeaCare In-Home Care Services 

2265 116th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004


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