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Services for Live-In Care

SeaCare In-Home Care Services offers exceptional live-in care for your loved ones. Staffing only the most empathic and competent caregivers to support your loved ones, 24 hour care fosters independence and friendship.

Rotating caregivers ensure extraordinary care around the clock

24 hour care lessens the likelihood of fall injuries

Improves your loved ones emotional health

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Live-in care

Live-in care from SeaCare In-Home Care Services provides family members with reassurance that their loved one is safe and secure in the company of our loving caregivers.

Not only does live-in care provide peace of mind for families, it provides essential companionship for your loved one.


Paying for Services


Aging in place is priceless and we at SeaCare In-Home Care Services want more people to age gracefully in their own homes. The cost of assistance will vary depending on the degree of assistance required and or desired. 

When contacting SeaCare to receive a care quote and to schedule your free home assessment, it is important to have these types of information on hand to ensure you receive care in the fastest time possible:

Your budget for care.

Approximately how much care you are looking for (hourly, daily, weekly, live-in).

What type of tasks you wish the caregivers to assist with.

There is no better time to live your best life at home – than the present.

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