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Appreciating the caregiver in your life this Thanksgiving

Planes, trains and automobiles.

How practicing self-compassion improves caregiver health

This blog is about a topic that fascinates me – self-compassion. It’s a topic that very much...

5 Ways journaling can help seniors and caregivers

November happens to be both Novel Writing Month and Life Writing Month, which means it’s time to...

Caregiving for Alzheimer’s is a family affair

For family caregivers of those already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, awareness is front and center...

Bringing back hygge: How seniors can embrace the darker months

The days are getting shorter and the rain has already gone into full swing.

How loneliness leads to health problems for family caregivers

We tend to think of lonely people as those who live by themselves and spend most of their time...

Changing your diet as seniors and how caregivers can help

Healthy eating is more than trying to figure out what foods are good and bad for you, or just...

How walking can save your life: A guide for senior and caregiver well-being

My senior and caregiver friends, I want to tell you some things about walking.

Beginning the journey of long-term care planning

October marks Long-Term Care Planning Month, something we celebrate here at SeaCare.

When you’re caregiving for a cancer patient

Effective cancer treatment has come a long way, but news of a loved one’s diagnosis is always an...