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Beginning the journey of long-term care planning

October marks Long-Term Care Planning Month, something we celebrate here at SeaCare. 

When you’re caregiving for a cancer patient

Effective cancer treatment has come a long way, but news of a loved one’s diagnosis is always an...

Breast cancer awareness can be a lifesaver for seniors and caregivers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There’s a lot of pink around, like those ribbon loops you...

Strengthen your caregiver bond by asking, does it really matter?

This one is a funny one, at least on the surface.

It’s more than your family tree: Making Family History Month meaningful for seniors

Family History Month has been a national October celebration for the last 20 years. It’s a great...

4 Straightforward ways for seniors to practice positive aging

Positivity isn't the same old game it used to be.  It's much more dynamic now days, as mental...

Therapy for seniors: Addressing the common issues of aging

If you’re part of the Silent Generation or a Boomer, then mental health probably wasn’t a part of...

Hearing loss in older adults: Some surprising health risks and how to protect yourself