Learn how to prevent senior falls before they happen



Do you know how many people over the age of 65 have falling accidents?


It is 1 in 4. Think about that. 

How many people over the age of 65 do you know?


Do you know the best ways falls can be prevented?


Scroll down and learn how SeaCare In-Home Care Services suggests you do to reduce fall risks for your loved ones!





5 common factors that lead to falling.

There are a number of reasons why a person falls. It is important to understand the reasons in order to come up with a prevention plan. Here are some the 5 most common fall causes:

  • Impaired vision
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Medications can cause dizziness, drowsiness, stiffness that can cause a fall
  • Changes to your gait and balance
  • Change of environment-whether it is a new living location or a home that hasn't changed with your loved ones needs. Both can cause a fall.

Falling is scary, even traumatic. Taking what you learned here-now read how to reduce overcome these challenges.


4 ways to reduce fall risks.

Not all falls can be prevented, but for those that can, we want you to be prepared. Let's learn how to reduce the risks

  • Communication is key! By simply talking to your loved one about their balance and mobility can open doors to previously known information. It will also start a pattern of information sharing that will be helpful as they age. 
  • Observe. Sometime older adults don't want to talk about things such a decreased mobility of balance issues. Next time you are with your loved one simple watch them move around. Do they hold on to walls or other furniture when moving about? Do they need extra assistance when rising from a seated position?
  • Conduct your own in-home assessment. Walk through their home and pay close attention to the lighting, the bathroom and shower, check too see if rugs are securely anchored down, and are stairs become an issue?
  • Encourage balanced footwear.  Shoes often get overlooked as a reason why people take a tumble. Flat but supported shoes with non-slip soles are recommended. 


As we get older falling become an increased risk. It is with great hope that these suggestions will prevent a major fall in your loved ones future. 

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