8 Holiday movies to entertain caregivers and seniors


What better time of year for an excuse to settle into the couch with a blanket and cup of hot chocolate? 

From classics to unusual choices, these movies offer a range of options for seniors and their caregivers to bring on the holiday cheer and get into the spirit of whatever you celebrate. 


Christmas Vacation (1989)

If you’re looking for something a little less cheesy and with a bit of an edge, this classic from National Lampoon is your ticket. 

Chevy Chase and Juliette Lewis, among other notable actors, star in this story about trying to have a good old-fashioned Christmas. Instead, the dad’s high expectations are met with apathy from his kids and shenanigans from his difficult relatives.  

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Elf (2003)

If you need some laughs and light-hearted entertainment, this new classic is a good one to start with. Watch as Buddy the elf travels from his home in the North Pole to New York City, where his long lost dad, and serious businessman, lives with his family. Their worlds collide with lots of maple syrup, interrupted business meetings and reindeer off-course. 

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The Family Man (2000)

I think this one covers all the ground a holiday movie should: romance, expectations around the holidays and dealing with in-laws. You may or may not be a Nicholas Cage fan, but he and Tea Leoni have so much chemistry between them, it’s hard to believe they’re not married with kids in real life. 

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A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Probably the most wholesome movie on this list, watching A Charlie Brown Christmas can be a perfect way for caregivers and seniors to bring out some holiday cheer, or at least put something nice on in the background. 

Watch how Charlie Brown finds the “true meaning of Christmas” and picks out a tree that became a classic in family living rooms. 

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For something different this holiday season 


Taste of the Nation: Holiday Edition (2021)


In my opinion, this show is something we all need given the current political climate and divisive news cycle. Famous cookbook author Padma Lakshmi travels around the U.S. to discover how immigrant communities changed American cuisine and continue to influence our food culture and traditions, and bring us together. 

In the Holiday Editions, she visits the Cuban community in Miami, Koreatown in Los Angeles, has Thanksgiving with the Wampanoag Nation and celebrates Hanukkah in New York. The shows offer an alternative take on traditional American holidays and food’s central role. 

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You’ve got Mail (1998)


This one stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in the ‘90s classic rom com, which can also be seen as a critique of big business. The unlikely pair- a small bookshop owner and a businessman for the big box stores- don’t realize they’re in love with each other in the online world. 

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Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

It’s hard not to be charmed by Renee Zellweger while she fumbles and embarrasses her way through finding love during and after the holidays, while keeping a journal about the men she meets and the diet she’s trying to keep. 

Plus, the sequels are some of the only sequels worth watching in my opinion. 

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The Harry Potter series (2000’s)

Butter beer, scenes of a charming castle and lots of scarves make these non-holiday movies to watch come wintertime. Cozy up with some tea and watch Harry and his pals Hermione and Ron battle evil wizards, giant spiders and unseen forces. 

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