What to look for in an in-home care company in the Seattle area


Like anything on the internet, the choices for finding an in-home care company can be completely overwhelming. 

There’s about a million results, even if you’re looking specifically for home care agencies just in the Seattle area. And each of them offer something for everyone. 

What you need is a ‘roadmap’ of what to look for in an in-home care company. 

Once you break down the most important aspects of caregiving for you and your loved one, it makes the process of finding the right in-home care company much more manageable. 


Find out who’s behind the home care business

Just as with any business you buy a service or good from, it’s important to learn about the people behind the brand. 

Do they share your values? Is what’s important to you going to be important to them? This may be obvious, but start with the About page on the company’s website. 

Do you like the story behind their business? 

Does the company have a story? 

Maybe what you’re looking for is a bigger in-home care company that may be more affordable and has been in the business for a while. The process will be laid out in front of you.

If you’re looking for more personalized care, a smaller in-home care company might be a better fit. You might even get the owner on the phone (which happens often at SeaCare) and get to know them better that way. 

Pay attention to how the home care agency talks about their caregivers and their current clients and if they sound genuinely interested in their wellbeing. 

Find a tailored home care plan for your parent 

Finding a personalized plan for your loved one starts with assessing their needs. 

First, ask if your parent or loved one needs more emotional or physical support? Basically, do they need a companion who helps with some tasks around the house occasionally, or did they reach a point of needing live-in care? 



Making a list of tasks that your senior needs assistance with can help you find the right agency and make the process smoother. A smaller home care company might be able to tailor their care plans to your needs, as they can create more customized plans.

You can find SeaCare’s options for home care as some examples HERE. Read our blog HERE preparing for home care in Seattle and to start thinking about how to begin the process. 

The good news is that millions of people need home care, so there are plenty of resources and options out there. 

You’ve got this! 


Find the right community

The best home care companies become an extension of your family. They learn all about you and your loved one in the beginning, and get to know your entire family throughout the journey of caregiving. 

From research to committing to a home care company, make sure you’re spending your time and energy on people you like and that make you feel heard and seen when it comes to your loved one’s needs.

The beginning of the process can be a little like dating. You’re sussing each other out and finding out all the details. Then you get to know each other more through shared experiences. If the relationship is something you want and can see as beneficial in the future, then you commit. 

This stage can be scary, and exciting. 

The great thing about aging in place is that YOU get to choose your community and the relationships you want to nurture. 

You can read about other perks of aging in place HERE.

Checklist for finding the right in-home care company

Sometimes it helps to simplify any process with a checklist. 

I know when I get stressed, I make all sorts of lists of what needs to be done and what info I need to find out. 

You can also copy and paste the text to your own document to customize it to your needs better. 


Feel free to print it out and secretly check it off when you're meeting with an agency, wink wink. 

What makes SeaCare different 

The average time a family spends with SeaCare is three years. 

We also treat our caregivers well so that they stick around. This leads to more consistent, quality care and creates community.

Here are some other highlights that sets us apart: 

  • SeaCare is a one-family business, which allows everyone to be adaptable
  • The owner is young for the home care business, adaptable and energetic
  • A small home care business means we can closely manage our caregivers while giving them the respect they deserve 
  • Our care is personalized and empathetic 

As an in-home care company, SeaCare is committed to bring joy, love and (most importantly) fun into the lives of the families we serve. 

Comment below to add anything that you think about or need to know when searching for an in-home care company. 


Megan Marolf writes about senior topics and outdoor recreation from her home base in Seattle. You can read more about her here











If you or a loved one you know are looking for additional support during this time and are interested in scheduling a free in-home assessment, please contact SeaCare In-Home Care Services today! A SeaCare family member is standing by. 425-559-4339.