10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Caregiver


There’s a lot to weigh when you’re considering putting your loved one’s well being in the hands of someone else. 

Hiring a caregiver can be a major decision and turning point for your family and the relationship you have with the senior in your life.

Here are some of the many reasons to consider home care for the senior in your life. 


1. You’ve got too much on your plate

We know that most family caregivers are women who have full time jobs. Many of you are raising kids on top of those responsibilities. Then you add caring for a parent or a friend and your responsibilities might feel like they’re toppling over you. 

A caregiver can take a lot of the responsibility off your plate and help you prioritize other responsibilities. 


2. You don’t feel comfortable leaving your loved one alone

It can be distressing to leave your loved one on their own, especially if they have dementia or if they live in another town or state. A caregiver can give you peace of mind that your loved one is safe and secure in their home. 


3. Your senior’s quality of life is declining

This happened to my great-grandmother before my family had to transfer her to a nursing home (hiring a caregiver wasn’t an option in our case). She stopped doing dishes and cleaning and wasn’t eating enough. I wrote about her decline and the necessary transition in a past blog

Quality of life can decline in other ways too, including ignoring bills, not getting enough exercise or neglecting pets.

Try to be observant on your next visit and pay attention to the ways a caregiver could help, such as helping your senior eat regularly and more healthy. 



4. You need a break from caregiving

Reaching the max of what you can handle physically, emotionally and mentally is different for everyone. If you are too swamped with your to-do list to notice yourself, listen to the people who know you the best if they show concern for your health.

See if you’re toeing the line of caregiver burnout by reading our guide on how to avoid the common experience. 


5. Your family can’t agree on a plan

Say you get the family together and everyone’s on edge about what to do with the grandparents. You think they need a live-in caregiver, your brother thinks they should go into a nursing home and your adult kids think everyone can share the burden of care. 

Sitting down for a “couch visit” with an in-home care company can help you notice any holes in your caregiving plans, even if you don’t end up signing on for in-home care. 


6. Your caregiving relationship is strained

As an in-home care company, we know intimately how difficult it can be to maintain your sanity, wellbeing AND your relationship between you and your loved one. It’s natural that these relationships can become strained. You might feel resentful and over-burdened, and your parent might feel neglected and sometimes belittled. 

Hiring an outside professional can ease the strain and help equalize your relationship.  


7. Your loved one experienced a life-changing medical event 

Some families have no choice but to hire professional help for their loved one. An event in which a senior misses their daily medication, experiences a bad fall, or gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are some examples of when professional help is a must.

Sometimes it’s obvious when you need a caregiver’s help. Other times it’s not so clear. Take a look at a past blog in which we cover incidents where you should consider hiring a  professional caregiver.



8. Your senior feels lonely and isolated

Getting older is hard. Your loved one might’ve lost their spouse and most of their friends. They also might live far from their family, which makes them feel even more isolated. 

Hiring a companion caregiver can give your loved one someone to look forward to seeing that gets them through the lonely parts of their day. Find out more here


9. Your loved one could benefit from more activities and socialization 

Similar to the reason above, a caregiver can help keep your loved one remain young in spirit and active. Caregivers can help them engage more in their everyday life through social engagements and staying fit and planning activities.  


10. You don’t want to put your loved one into a nursing home 

It could be COVID safety, financial constraints or wanting your loved one to age in place that deters you from considering a nursing home as an option. Not to worry, as there are many other options out there. 

We think home care is one of the best options for your loved one when it comes to quality of life and affordability. 


Convinced you need home care? 

Check out our guide on finding the right homecare for you in the Seattle area. 


Megan Marolf writes about senior topics and outdoor recreation from her home base in Seattle. You can read more about her here







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