How seniors and caregivers can enjoy art this month


It’s American Artist Appreciation Month, which gives us all an excuse to be a little more hedonist this month and relish in the local art scene we’re blessed with in the Seattle area. 

Of course, art isn’t always hedonist. There are so many good reasons to support artists and their work. 

Art gives beauty to art daily lives, it can capture a moment in history and offers meaning to confusing and uncertain times. 

Art is necessary. 

Here’s how to appreciate this month with the senior in your life.  


Appreciate art in your own community 


You’ve probably heard of the SAM, or the Seattle Art Museum if you live near the Puget Sound. 

One of the newest installations is titled, “New York to Seattle: Case Studies in American Abstraction and Realism.” 

Because I can’t begin to try and explain any kind of art, I’ll quote the SAM on what the new installation is about: “Two parallel yet contrasting trends emerged in American art in the first half of the 20th century. Abstraction prevailed within the avant-garde, while realism reigned in art aimed at popular audiences.”

General admission is just $14.99. You can buy tickets HERE

Also on display at the SAM is an exhibit of Monet’s work, called “Monet at Etretat,” which focuses on a period of growth for him as a painter. You can learn more HERE

And there's always the gorgeous Chihuly Museum at the Seattle Center, which is like stepping into a glass-blown dream. 

You can also check out the Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, which reopened to the public this May. 

Art activities for caregivers and seniors 



Here are some ideas to get artsy: 

  • Make a flower press- First, pick a few flowers in your garden or yard that might look nice together. Then take a couple sheets of wax paper and sandwich the flower between them. Grab one of your heavier books and set it on top of the press to sit overnight. In the morning, you can put your creation in a frame or greeting card. 

  • Build a birdhouse from a kit- Unless you or someone you know has woodworking skills, then you can find a birdhouse kit online and assemble it at home. There are lots of cute ones, like a cottage birdhouse kit you can order on Etsy

  • Break out a coloring book- The blog Coloring Book Addict has a list of senior-friendly adult coloring books you can order online, which cater to those with physical or visual challenges. 

  • Make a fairy house- This one is my personal favorite, as I used to create fairies “from scratch” when I was growing up. If you have grandkids, this can be a great activity to do with them. You can supervise while they gather up sticks, moss and rocks from the yard, and then work together to strategize the best design for a fairy home. Get some more ideas HERE.  

  • Make a bookmark- Many seniors who can love to pass their time reading. Making a simple bookmark for a friend can make a thoughtful gift for someone in your community. Here’s the step-by-step process. 


For more tips on getting crafty as a caregiver, check out a SeaCare blog HERE on indoor activities to enjoy in the fall. 


Support local Seattle artists  


Are you more of a fan of contemporary art? 

Visit an exhibit. 

The Kirkland Art Center supports local artists by giving them a space to display their work and also provides dozens of classes and workshops. Check out work in the gallery for free Thursday through Saturday. You can find hours and directions HERE

For a timely exhibit, check out the Arts at King Street Station, which “challenges audiences to think intentionally about the idea of “home” through the use of paint, sculpture, quilting, and textural arts.” 

Called Close to Home, the exhibit features all local Seattle artists. 

To stay up-to-date on art happenings around Seattle, you can read the Art Beat blog from King County, which highlights new exhibits and other art-related news in the area.  

If you like online shopping, you can support Seattle artists HERE on Etsy. 




It’s also Black Business Month


August also serves as a reminder to support Black business. Compared to their share of the population, which is 13%, Black and African-Americans make up 10% of business owners in the U.S. 

One way to show your support is through art! 

The Black Embodiments Studio, or BES, has an updated list of exhibits by Black artists around Seattle. You can check out where to find these artists’ work HERE, which includes the SAM and the Frye Art Museum in downtown Seattle. 

You can also watch virtual exhibits from the Northwest African American Museum, like the one titled, “Iconic Black Women, Ain’t I A Woman” by Hiawatha D. 

Check out the museum’s event page HERE


SeaCare loves to support local businesses and with that, local art. Need more tips on what to do as a caregiver? Check out our Resources page to discover all sorts of ideas. 



Megan Marolf writes about senior topics and outdoor recreation from her home base in Seattle. You can read more about her here











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